A pictorial history of last century’s employment

How many jobs have I had?
That question was in one of those quizzes passed around last spring and I came across my list.  I think I will just report to the turn of the century since the last ten years have been very good and very happy.. But probably boring to most of you.  It does help to revisit your past employment and get a perspective.  It is therapeutic.  This my list with pictures and I think you might get a chuckle..  Or mad.. Whatever:
1. Mowed lawns from the time I could push the blasted thing

This was taken at the end of my mowing career. Things just got a little too weird and I had to move on.

2. Bought and resold candy from an undisclosed location until the local parents shut us down because all their spare change was disappearing.

Authorities raiding our neighborhood candy store.  We couldn’t eat it all before they busted through the door.  Joey was in the tunnel and they never caught up with him.

3. Was enslaved by my older sister’s husband in the summers from the age of 15 until I was 17 years old building swimming pools.

Here is a pretty close depiction of the work environment in the swimming pool business. It was grueling work but it paid well.

4. After the first summer before high school building pools, I applied and went to work at Six Flags at age 16 flipping burgers. After several weekends of that I learned my lesson and retired from the restaurant business, then went back to pool building.

This is kinda what Six Flags looked like behind the scenes in food service. I was at the bottom of the loser totem pole at that place.

5. Worked for Texstar Plastics around Christmas while in high school helping with inventory.

One of my co-workers during break. He confided in me that he was in the jail work release program. I could not convince him that I wasn’t there for the same reason.

6. Grapevine Golf Course digging sand traps right out of high school.. Mowing greens occasionally. about a month or so.. Then the mowing weirdness began creeping up again.  So no future in greenskeeping for me.

The Greenskeeper there made the daily work interesting…

7. National Car Rental for several months.. first in the lot and then behind the counter.. A tie did not go well with me then..

This was our manager on our end of the airport. He claimed he had a plan to hold our entire planet hostage. I think he went on to become one of Al Gore’s advisers before moving to Iran.

8. Next it was full time at  Texstar Plastics in the store room and got a CDL to drive trucks.

When I came back as an employee my old co-worker not only was out of jail but had received a promotion. It was my first taste of how it works in the corporate world. He treated me so differently this time around: giving me all the crappy work and graveyard shifts.

9. Went to work building Bedford Methodist as a carpenter’s apprentice.. that was a rush working 45 feet up on beams with no safety nets. Met Sterling Hartwell (carpenter/architect/Tommy Chong looking dude). We exchanged numbers when they laid us off toward the end of the structural framing stage.

During break from working up high.

10. Went to work for Avis as a car mover. Drove the hell out of cars all over DFW area… we did some really stupid and crazy stuff there.. (I guess because everyone else did?.. stupid).. I could go on and on about that couple of months but I left when Sterling called me because he had landed a job for his own company.. so I left just before they all got caught and fired.. (for real)

Pete was another driver at Avis.  Here is a shot out my back window of him tailgating me at 80 mph. Real horror show.

11. Daybreak Enterprises (Sterling’s Company) as a carpenter and he taught me a lot. I really learned everything fast and we were great friends. did that with him for a couple of years.. lots of great stories there too..

Bad Company: Do we look like the kind of guys that you would give a nail gun to? Any kind of gun? Sterling has moved on to better guns. That’s me in the plaid coat.

12. I did lots of odd carpentry jobs for a while.. partied a lot, went to work on a framing crew in Arlington, partied more.. and more.. before moving with my next wife to the panhandle of Texas..

Panhandle of Texas: Flat, cold, windy and dry.

13. Went to work in Borger (Panhandle hell) watering greens at night and killing rattlesnakes.

That course was crawling with ’em and they were big. I killed several in self defense: walking up to the greens at night to turn off the water they would be waiting to greet me.

14. Worked for a guy in Amarillo framing apartments.. that was framing hell: kind of like one of those slave ships where you keep rowing or face summary execution.

What a nightmare this job was. There were 20-30 men working and after being there 6 weeks they all quit, were killed or replaced. I needed the job, so I kept rowing.

15. Curtis Munger Construction: He and his father rode me hard and put me away wet.. lots of chiding and good natured abuse.. would trade that for nothing.. great men.. big hearts.. They really refined my skills.  Worked with them until ’85.

I was practicing my sawing skills when the Mungers hired me.

16. Went to work for myself subcontracting work from contractors and builders and framers for several years until I moved back to DFW.  Amarillo is a strange place and I have lots of great fodder for writing based on all my experiences there.  Have you ever seen the Cadillac Ranch?

I noticed the population was getting smaller while I was living in the Panhandle. I was wandering around the outskirts and came across these. Wasn’t sure if they were the original owners of the Cadillac Ranch cars or just outsiders who didn’t make it… Or they all Gnarfled the Garthok..In any case it was time to leave.

17. Cougar Enterprises: Problem solver, carpenter.. did everything that had to be done from the time the restaurants were framed until they opened.. worked long hours and learned a lot of commercial construction’s aspects and detailing.

One of the superintendents for Cougar. He ran off and joined the carnival sometime after I left there.

18. Back to work for myself  again for ten years.  Left DFW in 1999 and moved to Hill Country Hell: Leakey.. beautiful place but trapped in a paradise filled with more than a few nasty people. (and a few nice ones)

Some of the locals sizing us up. I swear I heard banjo music. Those hills had eyes..

19. Put together a bookkeeping program and business plan for an upstart newspaper my brothers and sisters had.. until they fired me for insubordination. <-(click here to see the video)

Pretty close symbolic depiction of my unceremonious firing from the paper and departure from Leakey. They even took my badges.

20. Tried to start a construction company there.  Shut out by the locals <-(Click here for the video), I ended up mainly going to San Antonio to work so we ended up moving there.

They said: Get out this town by noon. You’re coming on way too soon. And besides that, we never liked you anyway. (John Prine’s “Take It Back”)

And the rest is history:
It’s good to be alive.
It’s good to have a Godly wife.
It’s good to be back in the city where I was born.
It’s good to be back in business.
It’s good to be restored.
Apart from Christ I can do no (good) thing (reference the above list).
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Ancient Ignoramouses, the saga continues

Yes it is confirmed. Trumpman cave drawings have been discovered, as seen below. We are in a time continuum. Hillary surrogate cave drawing to follow.

So I have to post this. But no apologies to either side. Draw your own conclusions. Trumpman

He was elected… way back when. History may repeat itself. See the magnificent cave-art discovered:


Shown below is a Hillaroid after the prehistoric election eating her advocate– I like to call him Podestasaurus. Her appetizer included a Huma-saurus sauteed in a Wieneraptor reduction (not shown, already eaten)


Yes.. some things never change. Politics is ugly and bloody, the vicious cycle continues. One thing for sure: the ruthless always kill and eat their own

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Snipes a better choice than BHO

I came across this article a good friend had shared on FB, so here is the link to it below.  It’s pretty good satire and I enjoyed it, and the way he interspersed the pictures through the article.  But I wanted to add my comments to the writer’s points because it’s just so hard to resist, so please read the article below my comments or at this link, then read on:




My non-pc comments, so please step away from your computer if you are overly sensitive:
Ok: For starters: I like the all black thing. .. although: is race really supposed to matter in the measure of any man? But It works (see BHO). BUT: No they are right that it would eliminate the bi -racial thing and the people to say it doesn’t count (for all you race supremacists out there). AND as far as I know he’s not bisexual, as has been alleged of zero (whether true or false: which one of their faces would you say that to, if you were alone in a room with no rules?). So: we know where he stands.. not sure how that plays with the rigged voting computers, but the target demo probably works.. because the voting computer hackers probably like Snipes more than BO at this point, so no problemo. (someone pass my foil hat)

1. I like the idea of a prez that would take aim… rather than bow
2: If he’s a vampire he already sucks, so everyone already knows that. Good to go.
3. Woody for VP? Why not.. At least we know what we are getting, and an even trade: One moron for another. Biden? Harrelson? Both white, both can’t jump. Hey I made a funny: Spring? Bone?
4. Yes he would be more formidable than Zero. Have you seen BHO throw a baseball? He weakened our national defense by merely throwing out a first pitch. (enemy not as worried about the first strike.. because it just won’t happen, based on that embarrassing display)
5. Yes, Snipes has been to prison for tax evasion.. as opposed to all those in the current admin who should be heading there for the same reasons… not to mention zero himself that nobody has the ‘nads to prosecute. (seems like the game is rigged once again)
6. He has a birth certificate. Absolutely.. HOW IN THE HELL in a time where “everyone gets a trophy” can BO not get a real birth cert? (Thanks for passing my foil hat, now I’ve got my water glasses lined up all over my house)
7. Gun control? what we need is pen and phone control in the Oval Orifice


7 Reasons Why Wesley Snipes Would’ve Been A Better First Black President Than Barack Obama

When Barack Obama became the 44th President of the United States, he promised change, but we never thought that would mean pocket change. Yet that’s all we’ve gotten from Obama. Ever since he’s assumed office, his presidency has been nothing short of a disaster. Our enemies no longer fear us. In fact, our enemies have only gotten stronger. And the heart of Obama’s fan base, the Millennial generation, is fed up with his failed policies.

Now if you’re looking back and wondering “What was I thinking?” Don’t worry, a lot of people are, and you’ll get to make a difference in the next presidential campaign so just hang in there. But, in 2008, the country needed a strong leader, someone who could represent the ‘every’ man. Someone who cared for the average Joe, someone who inspired millions of people regardless of their skin color. Little did we know that that someone was right in front of us all along.

Wesley Snipes!

Throughout his incredible career, he’s shown the world how much difference one person can make, whether it’s improving foreign relations with China (Art of War), or fighting an overbearing government (U.S. Marshalls). Let’s face it, Wesley Snipes is everything Barack Obama wishes he could be…here are the top 7 reasons why Wesley Snipes would’ve been a better first black president than Barack Obama.

1)  He doesn’t take any crap from terrorists

Snipes 1

When an international terrorist was on a flight with Snipes and hijacked the plane threatening to kill passengers, what do you think Mr. Snipes did? I’ll give you a clue, he didn’t draw a phony red line in the sand. No. Snipes killed all the bad guys, by himself, saved the day, and got the girl. Eat your heart out Assad. And remember, always “Bet on Black.”

2)  No assassination attempts…he’s a vampire!

Snipes 2

Ok, he’s half vampire. But still, Snipes wouldn’t have to be surrounded by security since the threat of him dying no longer exists. Imagine all the money we would save from a shrunken Secret Service. And the VP pick would only matter as a strategic move for elections. No questioning whether the vice president would be able to lead if the worst were to happen.

3)  He doesn’t care what the color of your skin is…he only cares if you’re #Winning


Wesley Snipes has starred in four movies with—who we hope is his VP pick (fingers crossed)—Woody Harrelson. Most of their movies find them as characters down on their luck, in need of a big break, but no one is willing to help them. Instead, they take matters into their own hands, whether it’s robbing a money train from a corrupt sociopath, dating Jennifer Lopez (potential 1st lady), or owning a small business as partners of a small basketball company.

4)  He could seriously kick your ass…not kidding



Putin may wrestle bears, but Wesley Snipes is a Ninja! He’s been training in martial arts since age 12, and currently has 2 black belts in karate and hapkido. Unless you’re the bad guy from Terminator 2, a nanomorphic mimetic poly-alloy assassin, I’d be willing to bet that a lot of people would think twice before messing with the good ole U.S. of A!

5)  He’s been to prison


Most people would assume that this makes him a criminal, thus making him unqualified to be President of the United States. However, Snipes went to prison for not paying his taxes, something we all wish we could do every April. So Snipes truly understands how bad we need a fair and simple tax code. Moreover, having spent a little time in prison, he understands the problems of the people, rather than the white-collar politicians who preach the American dream while chomping into a $45 steak. Wesley Snipes is a man of the people.

6)  He was born in Orlando, Florida…WITH a birth certificate

Brooklyn's Finest: Photocall - 66th Venice Film Festival

No birther questions here! We can finally put an end to the conspiracies and Donald Trump’s completely legit, non-annoying (snort) crusade to find the truth. Snipes was born July 31, 1962 in Orlando, Florida to a teacher’s assistant (more winning) and an aircraft engineer (badass). It’s totally documented, so we can all breathe a sigh of relief and finally put this one to bed. Donald (I’ve been waiting my whole life for this moment), you’re fired!

7)  Gun Control and the PC Police


When Wesley Snipes, aka Simon Phoenix, wakes up from his cryogenic sleep and realizes that the world has become a lame liberal dream utopia of no guns, no violence, and no freedom of speech, his response to this will be: “You’re all a bunch of robed sissies sitting on the bench of our justice system.”

Read more at http://dailysurge.com/2014/06/7-reasons-wesley-snipes-wouldve-better-first-black-president-barack-obama/#C0iw5GjgSGCflYU4.99


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Nerf Christmas Tree

Cousin Eddie just called and asked if I could “run down to the Walmarts” for him. His local store was all out of the ‘Nerf Christmas Tree-In-A-Can’ with the Elvis star on top. It’s the only decent reusable that fits in the trailer. Anyone know what aisle that’s in?

Cousin Eddie is busy in his career these days

Cousin Eddie photographed subduing this fat feller that “ruint the last Nerf Tree he had.

He says it works good for cleaning up all the beer spills throughout the holiday season. Though the last one he had was listing to the side by the time Christmas came around, then a fat feller threw up on it after eating some cookies left out and washing it down with a spit cup. He washed  it but then the dryer ate it up. Time for a new one.

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MSM continues to slide into the ‘O-Borg’s Abyss’

Avatar Czar

Avatar Czar



It looks like the MSM continues to accompany 0bama’s fiddle while Rome burns, whistling ‘Zippity-Doo-Dah’ out of their collective rear orifices as they pass by the graveyard.   The ratings continue to drop right along with their supreme commander-god’s rating:

  “..Data released Tuesday show CNN shedding 48 percent of total viewers since last November and MSNBC dropping 45 percent.   The numbers were even worse in the all important demographic of people aged 25 to 54 as CNN’s ratings dropped 59 percent and MSNBC’s 52 percent…”

Best brightestOnce again I am SURE they’ll say that GWB must be responsible and that it has nothing to do with the MSM’s blind support of and being a propaganda arm for this regime…  or the “best and brightest” they must have running their programming… the same ones who brought us all the Obamacare website for a mere $600,000,000.

I have some ideas that could help these crumbling media empires boost their ratings:

1.  Give up on creating fiction and making excuses for all the admin’s lies and making it worse by championing their lies.  Thanks to Keith V for sharing this: http://dailycaller.com/2013/11/25/how-the-press-greased-the-skids-for-obamacare/#ixzz2lxPoWqxc

Here’s a quote from the article: “The president sealed that (Obamacare) debate with the now-famous statement, “If you like your healthcare plan you can keep it. Period.” That refrain was repeated by dozens of Democratic members of Congress until it became part of our lexicon. It was a lie – and the press knew it.”

Kiss kiss


BowBarrackOBurgerAnd don’t even get me started on the foreign policy lies and disasters, I’ll just post a picture that sums it up.  (Sorry, but the Benghazi pictures were too graphic to post here)


I predict many, many entries and ways to say it

2.  Move into the Reality TV genre,  the MSM could try boosting ratings by having contests to see who can pronounce ‘0bamacare’ with their butt cheeks..  If they don’t do it I may start a YouTube channel with that challenge for all comers to submit their videos.  It would likely go viral and I may get more viewers than MSNBC.

The Crocophile Channel

The Crocophile Channel

3.  Start doing what the free press was meant to do and hold these political hacks accountable so that any remaining viewers can at least have some good information to base their votes on next election.  They might even beat my YouTube channel in the next ratings sweeps.

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Megabacon = Megadiplomacy -or-Megabacongeddon?

HammmI’d like to ‘weigh-in’ on the bacon issue.. as this is a matter of national security.

We recently again prepared the ultimate weapon: “MEGABACON”: 5-6 hours of water smoke using apple and hickory on a precooked, store brand spiral cut smoked ham. That’s right: Twice Smoked and the glaze poured over it for the last 30 minutes.

All quiet on the San Antonio front. No riots (unless you count the minor Schipper-Skirmishes over the fat cast-offs.. almost jumped into that one myself).

John Kerry should consider a few options at this point as Posing Secretary of State:

  1. Being a long-time traitor to our country he should resign immediately before he embarrasses himself further, retiring into obscurity in his own little piece of Heinzland heaven.
  2. Consider “Bacon Diplomacy”. He can start by delivering Megabacon to a peace talk between his Bashur-Buddy and his Al Quaeda friends just to see what happens. Why not? Trial and error seems to be the order of the day with this admin’s foreign policy. I would like to see him deliver it personally while maneuvering a Swiftboat to a meeting with his good friends at a location along the Euphrates.
  3. Request that he be named to a new cabinet position: “Secretary of Offense”-or- “War Monger in Sub-chief”… If nothing else his Sire could name him “War Czar” or do some cool Czar-Like coronation ceremony with scepters and things like that (you know, monarchy-like things that royal-types do).
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Occupy Squalor Street–

Child 44 is a chilling trilogy–the setting is a timely history lesson

I’m on the last book of the ‘Child 44’ trilogy..Wow:  What a trap the people of USSR got themselves into. What a trap we willingly walk into by ignoring history.

This is a short interview with the author in regards to the book and series.. please read my commentary below the video:

It looks as if this is where our country’s left-wing zealots want to take us.  It is appalling to see the left calling their opponents “Nazis”, while doing exactly what the Nazis and these other oppressive regimes such as Stalin’s Soviet union did. The latter of which is graphically depicted in this series of books… Meanwhile the progressive left has the same basic philosophy themselves. All the ignorant, star-struck followers shout “amen!”.

“Workers paradise” is where the radical progressive left wants to take us?

Ok, so in these “workers’ paradises”: Doctors and dock workers all make/made the same wage.. same benefits also. The wages a mere pittance, barely enough.. All the “Comrades” barely survive, piled on top of one-another, live in fear and with the knowledge that the ‘thought/speech police’ can arrest them at any time, upon any whim. The wealth all goes to the State and part of which, in turn, is distributed in the form of favourable housing and privilege to the cronies-of-the-State (whomever they may be on any given week before being back-stabbed). How do these ‘Useful idiots’ not know that “The State giveth, and the State taketh away”?  Surely they know. after all, that the state owns everything, including its people. The remainder of the nation’s wealth goes into growing the power and might of a fear-driven machine… headed up by the power hungry bastards that fool the populace.

I see that same hunger for power in our nation’s capital and amongst the elitists today.  Of these I will say –that in my book: 

Those who understand that the end result is oppression and control, yet still want it? They are evil.   The rest are either ignorant or foolhardy.

The opponents of the progressive-socialists’ systems and philosophies understand their end result… they are NOT Nazis, but rather humane.  So don’t get that mixed up.

How about You?  Which of these are you?  Where do you stand?  What if you don’t know?  Time to find out before it’s too late.   Please look into history of these failed experiments and see that it started with the disarming of citizens.. and it was all downhill from there.

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Thanks for the vacation, Washington.

This is the Avatarczar reporting from Ground Zero in the South Texas economy.

In the course of the past few years I have had many current events discussions with my friends and these topics are now more relevant than ever:

These two questions came up the most and I repeatedly answered:
Q: Regarding never getting a vacation?
A: “I guess we will keep riding this wave of business and workload until it stops. We could see where the economy was inevitably heading, so we made hay while the sun was shining, we knew that there may be involuntary time off.”

Q:What anyone should do with any extra money made?
A: “Save your money.. don’t spend it all.” (Emergency fund.. all that.. I’m sounding like my dear departed Dad now)

So……Being in a city (San Antonio, TX) with a large amount of civil service and military, we are experiencing a stagnation in our local economy due to the fact that so many people here wonder if they will have jobs in the very near future, thanks in part to Sequestration.. it’s the result of these Morons-in-Washington’s inability to pass any budgets. This is real.  Every industry is feeling the pinch.

I’ve been speaking with friends of ours who have local businesses to take a pulse and make sure that it isn’t just our business. I discovered that the only areas of the building industry here that are doing anything are:
1.  Government contracts: Good paying gig’s, but are slow paying… and who gets left holding the bag when the gov’t money runs out? IOU’s do not spend very far, so it’s kind of like musical chairs.. only with real, hard earned money.
2.  New home building: Quite a few new homes are being built in the Hill Country and purchased by retirees. They aren’t worried whether they have a job next month.. and I am sure they realize that their dollar won’t spend as far in the very near future.

Bottom line?  Both of these wells will eventually run dry if a budget isn’t passed in Washington soon.  It is NOT going to be business as usual.. this is reality.  We need to pray for this country:


Meanwhile? I will look at the positives, and end this on the positive note:

LilRed and I are enjoying all this time off and only having to work part time. Since we put away money for retirement and haven’t had a vacation in 5-1/2 years.. might as well spend our vacation and retirement money on a ‘Stay-cation’. RIGHT HERE in beautiful San Antonio.. we are 5 minutes from downtown:
No airfares or travel expenses, no exorbitant lodging fees (just the regular bills)
No pricey restaurant meals for every meal, just the ones we choose.  We know where to get really good restaurant food here for a reasonable price…you cannot swing a dead democrat without hitting a decent restaurant. When we do not eat purchased meals there is our own cooking.. we love our home and we love it here!

For those of you feeling the pinch?  Enjoy your Stay-cation too!  Keep praying for our leaders.

It’s all a matter of perspective.

The difference between us and these out-of-touch elitists?  We pay for our own vacations.. theirs are paid for with “Other People’s Money”

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