Either he was hunting, had cabin fever, or both

Today at 2:08am

Just the other day I came across this photo of a dear friend on one of our hunting trips some years ago.   I went out on a a sales call in the country the other day and saw something that brought back some fond memories.   (cont’d below)


Buster is a proud member of the NCA.He keeps a chainsaw idling under his bed at night.. just in case. Nothing like surprising a burglar with one of these babies. (now get back to reading!)

Anyway, while on the call as I headed back to my ride I spotted a guy who appeared to be hunting for deer (I assume this because it is the season). He obviously was of the same opinion that guns are only for a good pistol whipping and not to be discharged.   (cont’d below)


I snapped this photo as I walked back to my vehicle.. He looked like he may be going hunting.. For deer perhaps?

I watched him for a moment, I snapped a photo and got in my vehicle and left. As I pulled away and got up to about 20 MPH I looked in my rear-view and noticed he was running along behind my Landcruiser. I thought maybe a dog was close on my bumper and did not want to interfere with his quarry so I gunned it. When I got home I reviewed the black and white recording taken by the backup camera and this is the best I could get from it:   (cont’d below)


I was able to get this shot out of the drive from my back up camera on my vehicle. He appears to be agitated and running after my vehicle. Maybe I scared off the deer he was hunting.

He does appear angry and I question that he should be hunting in that state of mind.  However, the weather has been really bad lately and he may have just had a bad case of cabin fever. You know they are trying to take our chainsaws away from us. We all have the right to keep and bear arms, which includes chainsaws. It is guys like this who may ruin it for everyone.  As hunting purists, we insist on only using weapons without projectiles such as swords, knives, clubs, bare hands, rocks and anything else that will not be thrown but wielded (you may carry an unloaded pistol or rifle and use as a whip-weapon). Chainsaws have become increasingly popular amongst many enthusiasts and ranges have sprung up from Florida to Wyoming. It is invigorating to go through the silhouette course without sawing one of the good guy’s heads off. No better way to hone one’s skills.  So remember:

Chainsaws don’t kill people, people kill people.
When chainsaws are outlawed, only the outlaws will own chainsaws.
The only way they will take my chainsaw away is when they pry it from my cold, dead hands.

More of my views concerning fishing and turtle hunting later..

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