WJ Clinton: “It’s the Economy, Stupid!” (and it still is)

It’s time we remember also what is important to Americans in this hour and in this upcoming election.. The Economy. Do you remember the expression: “It’s the economy, stupid!”. Well it has come full circle. Now it really IS the economy stupid, and more than ever.

The bubbles are broke.. the government is broke. The answer is not a Zero platform (notice I capitalized his nickname out of some kind of bizarre and un-returned respect). But he is still the president.. but I just won’t capitalize his pronouns and worship at his altar.

I’ve heard his opponent described as a ‘husk’ of a man and as ‘stupid’ by some of my friends (and they can say what they want and I still love them).. However, I’m not sure how they reconcile this whilst following the ultimate empty suit.. devoid of real ideas or even feasible budgets.. remember his budget got zero votes even with his compadres voting.

I think if one is on the fence and cannot bring themselves to like either candidate: Consider that one candidate really was successful without a bunch of help and entitlement and actually managed business enterprises not inherited (really: even a Dairy Queen manager is more impressive than what little we know about 0… it’s his own fault due to his lack of transparency)..

Anyway if you think that taking more and more from the ‘rich’ is going to solve the problems think again.. we are all going to have to think ‘Austerity’. Hey: if you’re near my age, we all had to ‘learn to love the bomb’ and cope with it. Now austerity is just something else we will have to live with. I know there are things I said here you may take offense to. That just means you may need to open your eyes and snap out of it… I hope we are not really this dumb despite the education system’s efforts.

If you hope that we can just raise taxes on the rich (or even on everyone) Check out this short video: 

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