Regarding that Job that hasn’t happened:

Ehh.. Here’s a memo to all the disappointed college grads and whoever else this concerns: if the degree doesn’t get you a job try using your brain and take what you can matter where it is.. even if you have to use your back to earn your living. EVEN if it isn’t what you think you’re worth.. It may not get better for a while. Prove yourself worthy of what you think you’re worth.

I went into the workforce (full time) in 1979 and during Carter’s brilliant administration.. Guess what? I went out and found the work during so many years in the ’80’s when so many said there just wasn’t any work and several years of that time in the failed oil/Savings and Loan-driven panhandle.. It was not good there in the early ’80’s and  I also never started at what I thought I was worth. Hardly anybody does. There is work out there and it may not be what (or how much) we want.. but you will work if you really want to.

Now as a business owner we pay better than about anyone else in our area to anyone who proves they are worth keeping. Just ask our contractors and anyone who works (or has worked) in our organization.. they are very loyal to this ‘evil capitalist’ company… Because they get paid for what they earn.. Some bureaucrat does not need to tell us who needs a chance because plenty of opportunities are given.. but I have observed that there are so many who just don’t want to work hard enough or try hard enough… It is our fault because we’ve been giving our young people a ‘safety net’ mentality.. and that tends to breed a weak work ethic… amongst other things.

I can go on with this thought, but feel I should express gratitude. First to my God for the ability and opportunity and for sending people like Mike Sexton, Sterling Hartwell, Curtis and Buck Munger, and Jerry Haning for doing the same with me and giving me a chance. Also for the examples they all set: whether work ethic, skill, ethics, business savvy or all of the above.   I want to thank them too. All of them demonstrated what no government can teach: Integrity.

I also am thankful for Greg Glenn who awarded the first ‘direct-to-customer’ sale of a project to me in 1985. I moved back to DFW and around 1990: Don and Linda Bendure for being that same first direct-to-customer project, the referrals from this project snowballed into so many generations and projects that I lost count. Then, after moving to San Antonio, in 2003 Steve Soukup and not long after that Scott Barr: two outstanding businessmen who helped more than with their referrals, but also with the examples they set and with the way they treat their teams. I am just thankful for the opportunities.. But these people will all tell you that the opportunities were not just given to me.. they were earned by doing the best I can, being fair, honest and reliable… The government did not tell them they had to do this.

Moving forward and looking at the sad state of affairs with this economy and the downward spiral we seem to be in: Guess what? If everything were to go to ‘hell-in-a-handbasket’ and we went belly up? I will find work one way or the other.. A shovel still fits in my hand. So does a saw. So does a hammer. So does a broom. We all have to understand that we must (and should) do what we have to do to feed our families when push comes to shove.. Please don’t think that the Government will always take care of everything, because they will eventually run out of everyone else’s money. Look to your own concentric circle of concern for your support system and do more for them than they do for you if you possibly can, and pray for our country.

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2 Responses to Regarding that Job that hasn’t happened:

  1. Mike Sexton says:

    Thanks for the props, little brother. About the “a shovel still fits in my hand…etc” part. I can’t. I can barely play the piano with onset arthritis. Yet, as you, I thank the Good Lord I have a friend who has the money to employ me as a part-time computer music tech on my own terms as long as I deliver what he needs. So I get up at 4 AM and go to the office space where my work computer is so I can put in a few hours before the office fills up with the folks who run his assisted-care living center get there. Just sayin’ keep thankin’ Him for the ability…it’s subject to change!

  2. avatarczar says:

    Hi Mike, It’s really good to hear from you and I’m sorry about the health issues. You really did set the pace for work ethic.. and I don’t forget. You also have an honorable mention in my post which outlines my unimpressive work history and career. It’s intended as humor, and maybe you’ll be amused: Regarding the blog name: I’ve applied with the administration for the job and haven’t heard back yet. You know: nice salary… order everyone’s avatars around out there in cyberspace.. maybe even some benefits.

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