Introducing: Gravespin Energy, Inc

It looks like all the money is to be wrested from “the rich” to be redistributed in accordance with what this administration thinks is a clear mandate.

We work really hard in our business and must be accountable to our customers. We make a modest living, but not what one may think. In light of the ever shrinking economy, all the unemployed and looming job cuts across the board in the private sector, it looks as though the only money (or contracts) left will be in the Public sector and Obama-money (you know: money given to pet causes and cronies like Solyndra etc.. maybe even the makers of the free phones). I am not under the illusion that all the layoffs will have no effect on us because we sell to people who have jobs and it will affect all of us whether we know it or not. Therefore as a capitalist who will have to survive it appears we will now have to shut this business down at some point (FYI: a business provides a product or service and in exchange gets compensated for it… our company provides a service and produces a product). So I want to get federal funds to start our new company: We will have to “go green” and start a company that I can get free money to start and operate.. and not be accountable for what happens if it doesn’t work.

This is the ticket, Chuck: “Gravespin Energy, INC”… that’s right, as soon as I wade through the red tape it will take to get going, we will begin producing electricity by hooking up generators to the graves of all our founding fathers and the brave men who fought and died for our country. There are a lot of graves… lots of untapped energy there.. and they’re all spinning.

Why not? “borrow” a few hundred mil.. maybe even get a pat on the back from the administration, then go bankrupt after wasting all the money. That’s the ticket.. and the problem is that it is just so stupid and preposterous IT JUST MIGHT WORK (that is: getting to waste a bunch of someone else’s money.

What say you? You want to invest? No? I bet this administration will.

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