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What is the Frequency, Kenneth?

The adventures of Dan Rather.  Red Pill for me all the way, Baby!  Enjoy this little reminder and my ‘Crackpot Theory”: Do you remember Dan Rather and his acid-trip explanation of why he got the crap beat out of him … Continue reading

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Did the Mayans Give Up?

December 14, 2012.  What a horrible tragedy on this day.  So the admin has begun the demagoguery.  It’s the guns.. there’s the problem?  If it were only so simple as that. Once we realize that there are ticking time bombs … Continue reading

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Of Socialist Paradises.. and men who would be gods

Jim Jones: Another example of what happens when socialism is mixed with religion of any kind… Socialism being a religion in itself with fanatical followers. Double-whammy, oil and water.. fire and dynamite.. dumb and dumber. Thanks for sharing this reminder … Continue reading

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