Of Socialist Paradises.. and men who would be gods

Jim Jones: Another example of what happens when socialism is mixed with religion of any kind… Socialism being a religion in itself with fanatical followers. Jonestown

Double-whammy, oil and water.. fire and dynamite.. dumb and dumber. Thanks for sharing this reminder Di Ann  power to the people, all that.

I saw about 30 precious Pre-K children being herded through a church parking lot yesterday.. I wondered what their crime was, and where they might be taking them. How long had they been on the run before caught? My guess is that somewhere in the final condensed 906 pages of ‘Zero-Care’ law they violated some provision by being born… retroactive, of course, based upon their ages.

Now that I think about it:  Being born into debt like we’re heaping onto them is enough of a sentence.  As I have said before:  Birthright for a bowl of lentils.  We should be ashamed we continue to vote the perps back in…

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