Did the Mayans Give Up?

December 14, 2012.  What a horrible tragedy on this day.  So the admin has begun the demagoguery.  It’s the guns.. there’s the problem?  If it were only so simple as that.

Once we realize that there are ticking time bombs walking amongst us:  The answer is not to take our personal protection away.  These kooks will still get the guns (just like people can get anything else illegal), or anything else they can find to kill with.  Bombs are illegal and the worst school massacre in US history was a kook with bombs (BTW bombs were illegal in 1927 too).   So where does banning guns leave law abiding, sane citizens?  At the mercy of the kook.

Bottom line?  We have kooks at the helm that have wrong answers to this problem.. and they have the wrong answer to the economy problem… just to name a few.

How about this:   perhaps the Mayans really had some kind of revelation of the future like a cosmic TV guide:

My crackpot theory?

The Mayan Calender must have said something about QE-4 beginning on 12-12-12.. after this and other revelatory information the calendar maker went on for another 9 days, then quit, went on welfare, poured him some Blache and went down to watch a blood-ball game. (Who suffers the ultimate defeat this week?)

Maybe the same thing was tried with the Mayans, he saw it coming again and thought to himself: “what’s the use?  Nobody will be able to buy the calendar. They’re already starting to regulate my craft and threatening crippling penalties for newly mandated infractions.  The money I make off the calendar will go to Mayan Caesar…  to pay for somebody-besides-myself’s free lodging, medical care, food, entertainment and amenities.. now THAT is a MUCH more appealing proposition..  I quit! no more work on this calendar.  If I can’t qualify for all the free stuff?  I leave and go somewhere north of sane”.

Is this what happened when the Mayans disappeared?  Did the producers pack up and leave for Atlantis?  Did everyone give up?  How many QE’s did it take?

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