Thanks for the vacation, Washington.

This is the Avatarczar reporting from Ground Zero in the South Texas economy.

In the course of the past few years I have had many current events discussions with my friends and these topics are now more relevant than ever:

These two questions came up the most and I repeatedly answered:
Q: Regarding never getting a vacation?
A: “I guess we will keep riding this wave of business and workload until it stops. We could see where the economy was inevitably heading, so we made hay while the sun was shining, we knew that there may be involuntary time off.”

Q:What anyone should do with any extra money made?
A: “Save your money.. don’t spend it all.” (Emergency fund.. all that.. I’m sounding like my dear departed Dad now)

So……Being in a city (San Antonio, TX) with a large amount of civil service and military, we are experiencing a stagnation in our local economy due to the fact that so many people here wonder if they will have jobs in the very near future, thanks in part to Sequestration.. it’s the result of these Morons-in-Washington’s inability to pass any budgets. This is real.  Every industry is feeling the pinch.

I’ve been speaking with friends of ours who have local businesses to take a pulse and make sure that it isn’t just our business. I discovered that the only areas of the building industry here that are doing anything are:
1.  Government contracts: Good paying gig’s, but are slow paying… and who gets left holding the bag when the gov’t money runs out? IOU’s do not spend very far, so it’s kind of like musical chairs.. only with real, hard earned money.
2.  New home building: Quite a few new homes are being built in the Hill Country and purchased by retirees. They aren’t worried whether they have a job next month.. and I am sure they realize that their dollar won’t spend as far in the very near future.

Bottom line?  Both of these wells will eventually run dry if a budget isn’t passed in Washington soon.  It is NOT going to be business as usual.. this is reality.  We need to pray for this country:

Meanwhile? I will look at the positives, and end this on the positive note:

LilRed and I are enjoying all this time off and only having to work part time. Since we put away money for retirement and haven’t had a vacation in 5-1/2 years.. might as well spend our vacation and retirement money on a ‘Stay-cation’. RIGHT HERE in beautiful San Antonio.. we are 5 minutes from downtown:
No airfares or travel expenses, no exorbitant lodging fees (just the regular bills)
No pricey restaurant meals for every meal, just the ones we choose.  We know where to get really good restaurant food here for a reasonable price…you cannot swing a dead democrat without hitting a decent restaurant. When we do not eat purchased meals there is our own cooking.. we love our home and we love it here!

For those of you feeling the pinch?  Enjoy your Stay-cation too!  Keep praying for our leaders.

It’s all a matter of perspective.

The difference between us and these out-of-touch elitists?  We pay for our own vacations.. theirs are paid for with “Other People’s Money”

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