Occupy Squalor Street–

Child 44 is a chilling trilogy–the setting is a timely history lesson

I’m on the last book of the ‘Child 44’ trilogy..Wow:  What a trap the people of USSR got themselves into. What a trap we willingly walk into by ignoring history.

This is a short interview with the author in regards to the book and series.. please read my commentary below the video:

It looks as if this is where our country’s left-wing zealots want to take us.  It is appalling to see the left calling their opponents “Nazis”, while doing exactly what the Nazis and these other oppressive regimes such as Stalin’s Soviet union did. The latter of which is graphically depicted in this series of books… Meanwhile the progressive left has the same basic philosophy themselves. All the ignorant, star-struck followers shout “amen!”.

“Workers paradise” is where the radical progressive left wants to take us?

Ok, so in these “workers’ paradises”: Doctors and dock workers all make/made the same wage.. same benefits also. The wages a mere pittance, barely enough.. All the “Comrades” barely survive, piled on top of one-another, live in fear and with the knowledge that the ‘thought/speech police’ can arrest them at any time, upon any whim. The wealth all goes to the State and part of which, in turn, is distributed in the form of favourable housing and privilege to the cronies-of-the-State (whomever they may be on any given week before being back-stabbed). How do these ‘Useful idiots’ not know that “The State giveth, and the State taketh away”?  Surely they know. after all, that the state owns everything, including its people. The remainder of the nation’s wealth goes into growing the power and might of a fear-driven machine… headed up by the power hungry bastards that fool the populace.

I see that same hunger for power in our nation’s capital and amongst the elitists today.  Of these I will say –that in my book: 

Those who understand that the end result is oppression and control, yet still want it? They are evil.   The rest are either ignorant or foolhardy.

The opponents of the progressive-socialists’ systems and philosophies understand their end result… they are NOT Nazis, but rather humane.  So don’t get that mixed up.

How about You?  Which of these are you?  Where do you stand?  What if you don’t know?  Time to find out before it’s too late.   Please look into history of these failed experiments and see that it started with the disarming of citizens.. and it was all downhill from there.

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