MSM continues to slide into the ‘O-Borg’s Abyss’

Avatar Czar

Avatar Czar



It looks like the MSM continues to accompany 0bama’s fiddle while Rome burns, whistling ‘Zippity-Doo-Dah’ out of their collective rear orifices as they pass by the graveyard.   The ratings continue to drop right along with their supreme commander-god’s rating:

  “..Data released Tuesday show CNN shedding 48 percent of total viewers since last November and MSNBC dropping 45 percent.   The numbers were even worse in the all important demographic of people aged 25 to 54 as CNN’s ratings dropped 59 percent and MSNBC’s 52 percent…”

Best brightestOnce again I am SURE they’ll say that GWB must be responsible and that it has nothing to do with the MSM’s blind support of and being a propaganda arm for this regime…  or the “best and brightest” they must have running their programming… the same ones who brought us all the Obamacare website for a mere $600,000,000.

I have some ideas that could help these crumbling media empires boost their ratings:

1.  Give up on creating fiction and making excuses for all the admin’s lies and making it worse by championing their lies.  Thanks to Keith V for sharing this:

Here’s a quote from the article: “The president sealed that (Obamacare) debate with the now-famous statement, “If you like your healthcare plan you can keep it. Period.” That refrain was repeated by dozens of Democratic members of Congress until it became part of our lexicon. It was a lie – and the press knew it.”

Kiss kiss


BowBarrackOBurgerAnd don’t even get me started on the foreign policy lies and disasters, I’ll just post a picture that sums it up.  (Sorry, but the Benghazi pictures were too graphic to post here)


I predict many, many entries and ways to say it

2.  Move into the Reality TV genre,  the MSM could try boosting ratings by having contests to see who can pronounce ‘0bamacare’ with their butt cheeks..  If they don’t do it I may start a YouTube channel with that challenge for all comers to submit their videos.  It would likely go viral and I may get more viewers than MSNBC.

The Crocophile Channel

The Crocophile Channel

3.  Start doing what the free press was meant to do and hold these political hacks accountable so that any remaining viewers can at least have some good information to base their votes on next election.  They might even beat my YouTube channel in the next ratings sweeps.

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