Nerf Christmas Tree

Cousin Eddie just called and asked if I could “run down to the Walmarts” for him. His local store was all out of the ‘Nerf Christmas Tree-In-A-Can’ with the Elvis star on top. It’s the only decent reusable that fits in the trailer. Anyone know what aisle that’s in?

Cousin Eddie is busy in his career these days

Cousin Eddie photographed subduing this fat feller that “ruint the last Nerf Tree he had.

He says it works good for cleaning up all the beer spills throughout the holiday season. Though the last one he had was listing to the side by the time Christmas came around, then a fat feller threw up on it after eating some cookies left out and washing it down with a spit cup. He washed  it but then the dryer ate it up. Time for a new one.

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