Snipes a better choice than BHO

I came across this article a good friend had shared on FB, so here is the link to it below.  It’s pretty good satire and I enjoyed it, and the way he interspersed the pictures through the article.  But I wanted to add my comments to the writer’s points because it’s just so hard to resist, so please read the article below my comments or at this link, then read on:




My non-pc comments, so please step away from your computer if you are overly sensitive:
Ok: For starters: I like the all black thing. .. although: is race really supposed to matter in the measure of any man? But It works (see BHO). BUT: No they are right that it would eliminate the bi -racial thing and the people to say it doesn’t count (for all you race supremacists out there). AND as far as I know he’s not bisexual, as has been alleged of zero (whether true or false: which one of their faces would you say that to, if you were alone in a room with no rules?). So: we know where he stands.. not sure how that plays with the rigged voting computers, but the target demo probably works.. because the voting computer hackers probably like Snipes more than BO at this point, so no problemo. (someone pass my foil hat)

1. I like the idea of a prez that would take aim… rather than bow
2: If he’s a vampire he already sucks, so everyone already knows that. Good to go.
3. Woody for VP? Why not.. At least we know what we are getting, and an even trade: One moron for another. Biden? Harrelson? Both white, both can’t jump. Hey I made a funny: Spring? Bone?
4. Yes he would be more formidable than Zero. Have you seen BHO throw a baseball? He weakened our national defense by merely throwing out a first pitch. (enemy not as worried about the first strike.. because it just won’t happen, based on that embarrassing display)
5. Yes, Snipes has been to prison for tax evasion.. as opposed to all those in the current admin who should be heading there for the same reasons… not to mention zero himself that nobody has the ‘nads to prosecute. (seems like the game is rigged once again)
6. He has a birth certificate. Absolutely.. HOW IN THE HELL in a time where “everyone gets a trophy” can BO not get a real birth cert? (Thanks for passing my foil hat, now I’ve got my water glasses lined up all over my house)
7. Gun control? what we need is pen and phone control in the Oval Orifice


7 Reasons Why Wesley Snipes Would’ve Been A Better First Black President Than Barack Obama

When Barack Obama became the 44th President of the United States, he promised change, but we never thought that would mean pocket change. Yet that’s all we’ve gotten from Obama. Ever since he’s assumed office, his presidency has been nothing short of a disaster. Our enemies no longer fear us. In fact, our enemies have only gotten stronger. And the heart of Obama’s fan base, the Millennial generation, is fed up with his failed policies.

Now if you’re looking back and wondering “What was I thinking?” Don’t worry, a lot of people are, and you’ll get to make a difference in the next presidential campaign so just hang in there. But, in 2008, the country needed a strong leader, someone who could represent the ‘every’ man. Someone who cared for the average Joe, someone who inspired millions of people regardless of their skin color. Little did we know that that someone was right in front of us all along.

Wesley Snipes!

Throughout his incredible career, he’s shown the world how much difference one person can make, whether it’s improving foreign relations with China (Art of War), or fighting an overbearing government (U.S. Marshalls). Let’s face it, Wesley Snipes is everything Barack Obama wishes he could be…here are the top 7 reasons why Wesley Snipes would’ve been a better first black president than Barack Obama.

1)  He doesn’t take any crap from terrorists

Snipes 1

When an international terrorist was on a flight with Snipes and hijacked the plane threatening to kill passengers, what do you think Mr. Snipes did? I’ll give you a clue, he didn’t draw a phony red line in the sand. No. Snipes killed all the bad guys, by himself, saved the day, and got the girl. Eat your heart out Assad. And remember, always “Bet on Black.”

2)  No assassination attempts…he’s a vampire!

Snipes 2

Ok, he’s half vampire. But still, Snipes wouldn’t have to be surrounded by security since the threat of him dying no longer exists. Imagine all the money we would save from a shrunken Secret Service. And the VP pick would only matter as a strategic move for elections. No questioning whether the vice president would be able to lead if the worst were to happen.

3)  He doesn’t care what the color of your skin is…he only cares if you’re #Winning


Wesley Snipes has starred in four movies with—who we hope is his VP pick (fingers crossed)—Woody Harrelson. Most of their movies find them as characters down on their luck, in need of a big break, but no one is willing to help them. Instead, they take matters into their own hands, whether it’s robbing a money train from a corrupt sociopath, dating Jennifer Lopez (potential 1st lady), or owning a small business as partners of a small basketball company.

4)  He could seriously kick your ass…not kidding



Putin may wrestle bears, but Wesley Snipes is a Ninja! He’s been training in martial arts since age 12, and currently has 2 black belts in karate and hapkido. Unless you’re the bad guy from Terminator 2, a nanomorphic mimetic poly-alloy assassin, I’d be willing to bet that a lot of people would think twice before messing with the good ole U.S. of A!

5)  He’s been to prison


Most people would assume that this makes him a criminal, thus making him unqualified to be President of the United States. However, Snipes went to prison for not paying his taxes, something we all wish we could do every April. So Snipes truly understands how bad we need a fair and simple tax code. Moreover, having spent a little time in prison, he understands the problems of the people, rather than the white-collar politicians who preach the American dream while chomping into a $45 steak. Wesley Snipes is a man of the people.

6)  He was born in Orlando, Florida…WITH a birth certificate

Brooklyn's Finest: Photocall - 66th Venice Film Festival

No birther questions here! We can finally put an end to the conspiracies and Donald Trump’s completely legit, non-annoying (snort) crusade to find the truth. Snipes was born July 31, 1962 in Orlando, Florida to a teacher’s assistant (more winning) and an aircraft engineer (badass). It’s totally documented, so we can all breathe a sigh of relief and finally put this one to bed. Donald (I’ve been waiting my whole life for this moment), you’re fired!

7)  Gun Control and the PC Police


When Wesley Snipes, aka Simon Phoenix, wakes up from his cryogenic sleep and realizes that the world has become a lame liberal dream utopia of no guns, no violence, and no freedom of speech, his response to this will be: “You’re all a bunch of robed sissies sitting on the bench of our justice system.”



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