What is the Frequency, Kenneth?

The adventures of Dan Rather.  Red Pill for me all the way, Baby!  Enjoy this little reminder and my ‘Crackpot Theory”:

Do you remember Dan Rather and his acid-trip explanation of why he got the crap beat out of him in NYC?  His attackers reportedly said:  “Kenneth, what is the frequency?” over and over as they beat the crap out of him.   As some of Lewis Grizzard’s readers theorized, perhaps they were really saying: “See What Freaks in the City, Kenneth?”.. or:  “Is this the Freak who’s seeing Kenneth?”.. the beating just rattled his memory a bit.  The former being Rednecks looking for a city slicker to pound on…  the latter?  Well that being a gay love triangle.  Those were Lewis’ winners on the Dan Rather Ass-Whooping Theory Contest (and I just remember reading it, but cannot find it on the internet).

My favorite theory?  Rather was a mutant alien who defected from the Mother Ship..  his attackers?  Fellow mutant shipmates that needed the codes.   But here’s the story out of Wiki:

“….On October 4, 1986, as Rather was walking along Park Avenue in Manhattan to his apartment, he was attacked and punched from behind by a man who demanded to know, “Kenneth, what is the frequency?”, while a second assailant also chased and beat him. As the assailant pummeled and kicked Rather, he kept repeating the question over and over again. In describing the incident, Rather said, “I got mugged. Who understands these things? I didn’t and I don’t now. I didn’t make a lot of it at the time and I don’t now. I wish I knew who did it and why, but I have no idea.”

The incident and Rather’s account led some to doubt the veracity of Rather’s story, although the doorman and building supervisor who rescued Rather fully confirmed his version of events. The story entered popular lore and remained unsolved for some time….”

That this happened to Dan Rather?  Coincidence?  I think not.

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Did the Mayans Give Up?

December 14, 2012.  What a horrible tragedy on this day.  So the admin has begun the demagoguery.  It’s the guns.. there’s the problem?  If it were only so simple as that.

Once we realize that there are ticking time bombs walking amongst us:  The answer is not to take our personal protection away.  These kooks will still get the guns (just like people can get anything else illegal), or anything else they can find to kill with.  Bombs are illegal and the worst school massacre in US history was a kook with bombs (BTW bombs were illegal in 1927 too).   So where does banning guns leave law abiding, sane citizens?  At the mercy of the kook.

Bottom line?  We have kooks at the helm that have wrong answers to this problem.. and they have the wrong answer to the economy problem… just to name a few.

How about this:   perhaps the Mayans really had some kind of revelation of the future like a cosmic TV guide:

My crackpot theory?

The Mayan Calender must have said something about QE-4 beginning on 12-12-12.. after this and other revelatory information the calendar maker went on for another 9 days, then quit, went on welfare, poured him some Blache and went down to watch a blood-ball game. (Who suffers the ultimate defeat this week?)

Maybe the same thing was tried with the Mayans, he saw it coming again and thought to himself: “what’s the use?  Nobody will be able to buy the calendar. They’re already starting to regulate my craft and threatening crippling penalties for newly mandated infractions.  The money I make off the calendar will go to Mayan Caesar…  to pay for somebody-besides-myself’s free lodging, medical care, food, entertainment and amenities.. now THAT is a MUCH more appealing proposition..  I quit! no more work on this calendar.  If I can’t qualify for all the free stuff?  I leave and go somewhere north of sane”.

Is this what happened when the Mayans disappeared?  Did the producers pack up and leave for Atlantis?  Did everyone give up?  How many QE’s did it take?

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Of Socialist Paradises.. and men who would be gods

Jim Jones: Another example of what happens when socialism is mixed with religion of any kind… Socialism being a religion in itself with fanatical followers. Jonestown

Double-whammy, oil and water.. fire and dynamite.. dumb and dumber. Thanks for sharing this reminder Di Ann  power to the people, all that.

I saw about 30 precious Pre-K children being herded through a church parking lot yesterday.. I wondered what their crime was, and where they might be taking them. How long had they been on the run before caught? My guess is that somewhere in the final condensed 906 pages of ‘Zero-Care’ law they violated some provision by being born… retroactive, of course, based upon their ages.

Now that I think about it:  Being born into debt like we’re heaping onto them is enough of a sentence.  As I have said before:  Birthright for a bowl of lentils.  We should be ashamed we continue to vote the perps back in…

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“ATTENTION: CLEAN UP ON ISLE 3” Operation Castle Bravo was the third test explosion of a nuke on an island. It was the most powerful nuclear device ever detonated by the United States, with a yield of 15 megatons. That yield, far exceeding the expected yield of 4 to 8 megatons, combined with other factors to produce the worst radiological accident ever caused by the United States. The point? 58 Years later we sit on a fiscal nuke which is set to detonate… while we cheer on, vote for and elect a bunch of politicians who will allow it to happen.. don’t kid yourself: it is happening even now, while the media’s cameras are all ready to capture the carnage that they could have helped prevent by doing their jobs. The cleanup will be crippling and come at great expense to our children and grandchildren.

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Introducing: Gravespin Energy, Inc

It looks like all the money is to be wrested from “the rich” to be redistributed in accordance with what this administration thinks is a clear mandate.

We work really hard in our business and must be accountable to our customers. We make a modest living, but not what one may think. In light of the ever shrinking economy, all the unemployed and looming job cuts across the board in the private sector, it looks as though the only money (or contracts) left will be in the Public sector and Obama-money (you know: money given to pet causes and cronies like Solyndra etc.. maybe even the makers of the free phones). I am not under the illusion that all the layoffs will have no effect on us because we sell to people who have jobs and it will affect all of us whether we know it or not. Therefore as a capitalist who will have to survive it appears we will now have to shut this business down at some point (FYI: a business provides a product or service and in exchange gets compensated for it… our company provides a service and produces a product). So I want to get federal funds to start our new company: We will have to “go green” and start a company that I can get free money to start and operate.. and not be accountable for what happens if it doesn’t work.

This is the ticket, Chuck: “Gravespin Energy, INC”… that’s right, as soon as I wade through the red tape it will take to get going, we will begin producing electricity by hooking up generators to the graves of all our founding fathers and the brave men who fought and died for our country. There are a lot of graves… lots of untapped energy there.. and they’re all spinning.

Why not? “borrow” a few hundred mil.. maybe even get a pat on the back from the administration, then go bankrupt after wasting all the money. That’s the ticket.. and the problem is that it is just so stupid and preposterous IT JUST MIGHT WORK (that is: getting to waste a bunch of someone else’s money.

What say you? You want to invest? No? I bet this administration will.

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Regarding that Job that hasn’t happened:

Ehh.. Here’s a memo to all the disappointed college grads and whoever else this concerns: if the degree doesn’t get you a job try using your brain and take what you can get..no matter where it is.. even if you have to use your back to earn your living. EVEN if it isn’t what you think you’re worth.. It may not get better for a while. Prove yourself worthy of what you think you’re worth.

I went into the workforce (full time) in 1979 and during Carter’s brilliant administration.. Guess what? I went out and found the work during so many years in the ’80’s when so many said there just wasn’t any work and several years of that time in the failed oil/Savings and Loan-driven panhandle.. It was not good there in the early ’80’s and  I also never started at what I thought I was worth. Hardly anybody does. There is work out there and it may not be what (or how much) we want.. but you will work if you really want to.

Now as a business owner we pay better than about anyone else in our area to anyone who proves they are worth keeping. Just ask our contractors and anyone who works (or has worked) in our organization.. they are very loyal to this ‘evil capitalist’ company… Because they get paid for what they earn.. Some bureaucrat does not need to tell us who needs a chance because plenty of opportunities are given.. but I have observed that there are so many who just don’t want to work hard enough or try hard enough… It is our fault because we’ve been giving our young people a ‘safety net’ mentality.. and that tends to breed a weak work ethic… amongst other things.

I can go on with this thought, but feel I should express gratitude. First to my God for the ability and opportunity and for sending people like Mike Sexton, Sterling Hartwell, Curtis and Buck Munger, and Jerry Haning for doing the same with me and giving me a chance. Also for the examples they all set: whether work ethic, skill, ethics, business savvy or all of the above.   I want to thank them too. All of them demonstrated what no government can teach: Integrity.

I also am thankful for Greg Glenn who awarded the first ‘direct-to-customer’ sale of a project to me in 1985. I moved back to DFW and around 1990: Don and Linda Bendure for being that same first direct-to-customer project, the referrals from this project snowballed into so many generations and projects that I lost count. Then, after moving to San Antonio, in 2003 Steve Soukup and not long after that Scott Barr: two outstanding businessmen who helped more than with their referrals, but also with the examples they set and with the way they treat their teams. I am just thankful for the opportunities.. But these people will all tell you that the opportunities were not just given to me.. they were earned by doing the best I can, being fair, honest and reliable… The government did not tell them they had to do this.

Moving forward and looking at the sad state of affairs with this economy and the downward spiral we seem to be in: Guess what? If everything were to go to ‘hell-in-a-handbasket’ and we went belly up? I will find work one way or the other.. A shovel still fits in my hand. So does a saw. So does a hammer. So does a broom. We all have to understand that we must (and should) do what we have to do to feed our families when push comes to shove.. Please don’t think that the Government will always take care of everything, because they will eventually run out of everyone else’s money. Look to your own concentric circle of concern for your support system and do more for them than they do for you if you possibly can, and pray for our country.

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WJ Clinton: “It’s the Economy, Stupid!” (and it still is)

It’s time we remember also what is important to Americans in this hour and in this upcoming election.. The Economy. Do you remember the expression: “It’s the economy, stupid!”. Well it has come full circle. Now it really IS the economy stupid, and more than ever.

The bubbles are broke.. the government is broke. The answer is not a Zero platform (notice I capitalized his nickname out of some kind of bizarre and un-returned respect). But he is still the president.. but I just won’t capitalize his pronouns and worship at his altar.

I’ve heard his opponent described as a ‘husk’ of a man and as ‘stupid’ by some of my friends (and they can say what they want and I still love them).. However, I’m not sure how they reconcile this whilst following the ultimate empty suit.. devoid of real ideas or even feasible budgets.. remember his budget got zero votes even with his compadres voting.

I think if one is on the fence and cannot bring themselves to like either candidate: Consider that one candidate really was successful without a bunch of help and entitlement and actually managed business enterprises not inherited (really: even a Dairy Queen manager is more impressive than what little we know about 0… it’s his own fault due to his lack of transparency)..

Anyway if you think that taking more and more from the ‘rich’ is going to solve the problems think again.. we are all going to have to think ‘Austerity’. Hey: if you’re near my age, we all had to ‘learn to love the bomb’ and cope with it. Now austerity is just something else we will have to live with. I know there are things I said here you may take offense to. That just means you may need to open your eyes and snap out of it… I hope we are not really this dumb despite the education system’s efforts.

If you hope that we can just raise taxes on the rich (or even on everyone) Check out this short video: 

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