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My Mom had posted pictures earlier today and Bill said that they’re calling it “Super Moon” because last time it got this close was around 20 years ago. That got me to thinking about that ‘thing’ that is on a … Continue reading

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AARP needs some new blood (and my responses to friends’ comments.. )

I guess what I saw and documented in Facebook manifested a week or so later in the Japanese Earthquake and TsunamiĀ  (look at the comment and then decide for yourself). Remember that good comes with the bad.. no matter how … Continue reading

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Against My Best Judgment, but WTH

* After watching another (well meaning) Kool-Aid drinker chanting the same tired mantra I keep hearing from the ‘O’-pologists, I had to respond to his proclamation that the prez has done so much better at taking out our enemies than … Continue reading

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